Lightweight O'pell Cotton Cactus Print Caftan

Lightweight O'pell Cotton Cactus Print Caftan

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  • Width: 42"
    (from shoulder to shoulder)
  • Torso: 16 1/2" (Long Torso)
    (high point of shoulder to bottom of waist band)
  • Length: 50"
    (center back to hem)
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Note: New Fabric

O'pell is our house label. We traditionally make them using vintage fabrics with vintage patterns.  Occasionally, we use new fabrics which will be noted in the description.

How to wear the caftan

For a great fit, put the caftan on, leave your hands inside and pull the two straps at the inside torso around your back and tie, then pull your arms out.  Voila!

Note about vintage fabric.

A majority of O’pell caftans are made from vintage fabric, often deadstock. Deadstock fabric tends to be stiffer than old fabric, but it will usually soften over time.

In many cases, we have only enough fabric for one caftan but sometimes, we’re able to source enough for multiples, color variations and imperfections can be expected.

General cleaning instructions

We recommend you dry clean your caftan.

Note regarding fit

If applicable, the short torso is best suited for a petite frame, and vise versa with the long torso. There are some exceptions, for example, if you are petite with a large bust, the long torso often is a better fit around the bust.

Torso Size

  • Small Torso: 13”-14”
  • Medium Torso: 15”-16
  • Large Torso: 16”+