Collection: O'pell Caftans and Resort Wear

O'pell is our vintage inspired one-of-a-kind line of caftans and resort wear inspired by Palm Springs

Many years ago, I came across a roll of garment labels at an estate.  They were beautifully crafted vibrant green embroidery on a black background and spelled O'pell with an bygone calligraphy font.  I fell in love...maybe someday i could use them.  I gently packed them away.  Fast forward to 2016 and I was struggling to find vintage caftans that I liked (and could fit into) for the shop.  We had some awesome vintage fabrics and a vintage caftan pattern.  So began the Nameless Caftan Line.  Then I remembered the roll of labels.  When I hand stitched the first label on, I knew in my heart it would forever be O'pell.  While we have stayed traditional with vintage fabrics, we have occasionally added new fabrics and other styles like a fabulous jumpsuit pattern.  It has been a fun and rewarding experience working with my amazing mother in law Judy who has mad skills with the sewing machine.  We hope you enjoy the new collections of O'pell with some classics mixed in.

Thank You!

Chander, Zoli, and Judy

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  • O'pell Mod Lotus Root Print Cotton Tunic Caftan
  • O'pell Mod Ocean Blue Hawaiian Barkcloth Caftan with Matching Mask
  • O'pell Mod Sheer Floral Long Torso Caftan with Matching Mask
  • O'pell Pink Mod Floral Petite Short Torso Caftan with Matching Mask
  • O'pell Mod Green Blue Polka Dot Floral Cotton Tunic Caftan
  • O'pell Mod Alphabet Floral Print Tunic Caftan
  • O'pell Mod Print Short Torso Caftan
  • O'pell Sheer Mod Print Tunic Caftan
  • O'pell Border Print Long Torso Caftan
  • O'pell Psychedelic Print Short Torso Caftan
  • O'pell Blue Tiger Print Petite Caftan
  • O'pell Mod Happy Days Print long torso Caftan