Collection: Collection 04: Orange Groves

I was born in California and from my earliest memories I remember the smell of oranges.  As a child, it seemed to permeate every olfactory nook and cranny.  I recall feeling enveloped by oranges.  Most of the orange groves are gone now but that wonderful feeling comes back when I gently slide my fingernail under the peel of an orange and a light mist of oil wafts up. So this collection is in honor of a California classic; The Orange.
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  • Stunning Vintage Hilo Hattie Kimono Maxi Dress
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  • O'pell Orange Hawaiian Hibiscus Watercolor Long Torso Caftan
  • O'pell Tequila Sunrise Long Torso Caftan
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  • O'pell Stunning Mod Print Tunic Caftan
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  • Vintage Malia Orange and White Maxi Dress
  • Mod Orange Patchwork Crochet Maxi Dress
  • Vintage Floral Mod Maxi Dress
  • O'pell Orange Explosion Long Torso Caftan
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  • O'pell Orange Oriental Print Long Torso Caftan
  • O'pell Tangerine Floral Long Torso Caftan
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  • O'pell Graphic Print Long Torso Caftan
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  • Amazing Vintage Orange Floral Alice Jumpsuit