Collection: Collection 01: Movie Colony

This collection was inspired by the vibrant walls of bougainvillea that permeate.  I love the smooth arches of the Spanish adobe abutted next to the deep hue of bougainvillea.  Lost in a mesmerizing display of pinks, magentas, reds, and corals.  I sometimes take walks and find myself marveling at the depth of color in the towering walls.  Originally from India, bougainvillea are perfectly suited to the desert climate. When in bloom, I feel like I am surrounded by richly dyed silk butterflies.
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  • Mod Genie Cocktail Chiffon Harem Jumpsuit
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  • Mod Lanz Print Jumpsuit
  • Mod Print Loose-Fitting Jumpsuit
  • O'pell Op Art Long Fitted Torso Caftan
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  • O'pell Op Art Sheer Sexy long torso Caftan
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  • Falling into Pinks Mod maxi skirt
  • 1960s Bougainvillea Pink Donald Brooks Day Dress
  • Raspberry Pink Cocktail Coat
  • 1980s crinkle crepe tunic dress
  • Mod Fuchsia Forest Maxi Dress
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  • O'pell Pink Hibiscus Print short torso Caftan
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  • O'pell Pink Firecracker Satin Cocktail Long Torso Caftan
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